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AV Equipment

(661) 259-2155

AV Equipment has specialized in the Rental and Sales of Construction Equipment Since 1968. Our sales staff can assist you with, material handling, compaction equipment, trucks, trailers, high reach, plumbing, tractors, street sweepers, heaters and many more items. Our sign shop can even produce banners and signs for your needs.

Arizona Aircraft Accessories

(800) 678-9912

Arizona Aircraft Accessories is an FAA Repair Station Specializing in the repair and overhaul of aircraft components, including hydraulic components, turbos, fuel controllers, wastegates, prop controllers and vacuum pumps. We have been in business for 22 years in the same location until January of 2002 when we moved into our new facility. Our diverse and talented technicians perform the highest quality work in the industry.

ASB Avionics

(661) 824-1005

ASB Avionics has been serving the aerospace avionics industry since 1991. Our full service FAA repair stations provide avionics sales, repair, and installation. We are equipped to service general, corporate, commercial, and military aircraft.

Castrol Aviator

(973) 401-4350

Air BP has announced the introduction of its new range of aviation piston oils – the CASTROL AVIATOR range. This exciting range of oils brings Castrol “Liquid Engineering” expertise to the light aircraft pilot in the USA, with latest technology, high performance oils, supplied in innovative, practical packaging. These products were first approved in 1995 for Europe, but are now available in the USA as a full range of monograde and Ashless Dispersant grades.

Goodyear Aviation Tires


For nearly 100 years, Goodyear has been making high value, proven aircraft tires that perform and keep performing under the most stringent demands imaginable. It's this ongoing dedication to excellence that has made Goodyear a leading global supplier of technologically outstanding aircraft tires. Our many substantial innovations include the development of the first radial tire for commercial service, as well as the creation of patented reinforcements that have become a permanent life-extending feature on tires industry-wide.

HRD Aero Systems

(661) 295-0670

HRD Aero Systems is an FAA Repair Station that has been providing world class service for over fifteen years, and is dedicated to the overhaul of aircraft fire extinguishers (engine, cargo, APU and portable units), oxygen equipment (cylinders and regulators) and emergency equipment (door slides, life rafts, life vests and Emergency Locating Transmitters). Corporate flight departments, maintenance and modification facilities, OEM’s, owner-flown aircraft and parts brokers have all taken advantage of HRD’s “One-Stop Shopping” services.


(310) 890-2725


MYHRECO's experienced and highly skilled team takes advantage of cutting edge development tools, up to date on-line development techniques, and highly effective interactive methods to provide E-marketing (websites, online brochures...), E-learning (computer and web-based training, Content and Learning Management Systems.) and a full spectrum of multimedia services (audio/video, animation, graphic design.). MYHRECO is located in Southern California with offices in New Zealand and Texas.

Mid-Continent Instruments

(800) 821-1212

Mid-Continent Instruments has facilities in Wichita, Kansas and Van Nuys, California. They perform instrument repair, overhaul and exchange services on gyros, altimeters, HSIs and autopilot systems. Newly developed avionics products include gyros and avionics switching units. Every employee shares the dedication to customer service and a professional approach to quality and aviation safety.

Palm Beach Avionics

(561) 625-6690

Palm Beach Avionics is a full-service, FAA repair station located at the North County airport in Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in customized installations, Palm Beach Avionics continues to serve the general aviation, experimental and warbird community with innovative retrofit and unique avionics upgrades. Using cutting-edge design and manufacturing equipment, Palm Beach Avionics can create complete installations tailored to a customer’s needs.

PS Engineering

(800) 427-2376

Since its founding in 1985, PS Engineering has grown to become the undisputed leader in the field of aircraft intercoms, audio selector panels and in-flight entertainment systems for General and Corporate aviation.


(520) 297-0844

Securaplane is now Hawker's Master Distributor for aviation batteries in the USA. Hawker selected Securaplane due to our superior technical understanding of batteries (all types: SLA, Ni-Cad, low maintenance Ni-Cad and others used for main ship and emergency battery applications) and charging of those batteries in the aircraft environment.


(800) 945-7135

Skandia is a leading aircraft interiors specialist, providing innovative products and expert services to the aviation community since 1983. Skandia's five divisions include our exclusive EASE Sound Control Systems, Foam Fabrication, Flammability Testing & Certification Services, Flame Treatment Services, and Interior Products & Upholstery Supplies. All divisions are supported by an in-house team of five DERs and two DARs that efficiently respond to our diverse customer base which includes major OEMs, airlines, completion and modification centers, as well as private aircraft owners and upholstery shops.

West Coast Specialties Inc.

(425) 283-0460


West Coast Specialties designs and produces electromechanical cockpit controls and state of the art LED illuminated, sunlight readable Master Caution/Master Warning systems and Annunciator Panels for OEM applications, as well as FBO customer cockpit upgrade applications

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