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Sponsorship opportunities are still available with Unlimited Racing's most exciting new aircraft.

Aviation has become an American way of life and community air shows draw more attendance each year than major sporting events. Not only are pilots big fans of air show events, but the general public is fascinated with the spectacle that only an air show can provide.

Private pilots are among the biggest air race fans, because they understand and appreciate top performance, but the general public attend races in droves. The 2003 Reno National Championship Air Races saw an attendance of 222,000 people over a four-day event. Becoming a major sponsor of an unlimited air racer offers the opportunity to reach these race fans and promote a company’s product or services.

Additionally, because Wildfire is a new airplane built specifically for racing and not a souped-up WWII fighter, the media will highly promote the new entrant and worldwide coverage will attract a lot of attention to Wildfire. The media is already primed and ready to compose full-featured articles on this new entrant into the unlimited racing fray. The eyes will be on us.

These are some of the companies that have already donated their products or services to Wildfire. We are eternally grateful for their help.

  • A. J. Levin Co. — Aircraft components and complete systems
  • Palm Beach Avionics — Radios and avionics supplies
  • P.S. Engineering — Intercom
  • Aero Specialties — Wheels and tires
  • HRD Aero Systems — Fire and oxygen bottle overhaul
  • Mid-Continent Instrument — Flight and engine instrument overhaul
  • A. V. Rentals — Ground Support Equipment
  • Arizona Aircraft Accessories — Hydraulic component overhaul
  • ASB Avionics — Electrical components and avionics
  • Castrol Aviator — Engine oil
  • MYHRECO — Web design and creative consultants
  • Securaplane — Ship battery
  • Skandia — Fire and sound-proofing materials
  • West Coast Specialties — Fire system controls

Our new unlimited race plane can appear in many airshows as well as air races. For example, in California alone, there are annual shows at Watsonville, Merced, Van Nuys and Chino. These are in addition to the annual Reno Air Races, which are in their 40th year. A series of annual races, consisting of 4 or 5 races throughout the country, in addition to the annual Reno air races, are in the planning stage and scheduled for upcoming seasons. Las Vegas already holds Unlimited races each Fall and additional sites are being considered for Bakersfield, California and Abbotsford, Canada. Air shows and air races across the country probably draw well over a million people each year.

One event alone, the Experimental Aircraft Association “Fly In” at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, draws over 770,000 people each Summer. Wildfire would certainly be welcome and participate in their daily flight showcase of air racers. Our new unlimited race plane is going to be one of the most unusual homebuilts ever! But it all takes sponsorship from dedicated aviation companies such as yours.

We can get your message to potential customers in a most dramatic fashion.

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